Administrative Laws

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Federal, provincial and municipal governments work together to create a set of legislation governing the use of the HTS

  • Federal

    -Sets vehicle safety standards, criminal system in case of more serious traffic infractions


    – Sets legislation around registration, ownership, inspection and vehicle use as well as the operation and care of the provincial HTS


    – Sets speed limits within cities/towns, intersection rules, parking within their area


    – Every vehicle must be registered to the purchaser of the vehicle or the vehicle dealer.

    Registration must:

    1. Bear the owners signature

    2. Have an accurate address

    3. Renewal payment is paid before expiry

    – Registration form includes:

    1. Owner

    2. Make/Model of Vehicle/Colour

    3. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

    4. Vehicle Weight

    5. Number of Engine Cylinders

  • Demerits

    – A driver’s license is a privilege, and it can be lost. Each driver has a driving record (dossier) that shows any driving offences.

    – Each violation on your record will cost “demerits” (points) on your record. The more severe the violation, the greater number of demerits which will be given.

    – Each violation remains on your records for 2 years.

    – If too many demerit points are recorded, your driver’s license will be taken away.

    Demerit Points
    2Failure to wear a seatbelt
    Failure to wear a helmet
    Passing left/right lane where prohibited
    Failure to obey traffic control person
    3Failure to obey traffic control person
    Failure to stop at a railway crossing
    4Crossing a solid line
    Passing where prohibited (oncoming)
    Careless driving
    5Driving for a wager or bet
    10Failure to stop at a railway crossing (school bus, minibus, dangerous materials)
    Failure to fulfill duty at the scene of a collision
    Failure to stop for a stopped school bus with signals flashing
    Driving a vehicle transporting dangerous substances in a tunnel where prohibited
    New Brunswick points system
    Nova Scotia points system
  • Revocations 

    Some violations are so serious that they cause your license to be taken away automatically. Your license may be taken away for one, three, or five years whether or not it was a first offence within a seven year period.

    Driving under the influence of alcohol (.05 to .08 Blood Alcohol Content, revoked for one week over 0.08, term decided in court) or drugs
    Having care of a motor vehicle while your ability is impaired
    Refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test
    Leaving the scene of a collision
    Criminal negligence causing death or bodily harm
    Fleeing when pursued by police
    Dangerous driving
    Manslaughter operating from the operation of a motor vehicle
    Your license can also be suspended if you:have excessive demerits
    failed to pay a traffic fine
    failed to submit an eye test or medical exam report
    refuse to take, or you fail a driving test
    have an illness or disability that could endanger public safety
    have improper liability insurance and are involved in a collision