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It is essential to know what the warning lights and gauges on the instrument panel mean and where they are located.

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Temperature gauge/light: Mounted in the instrument panel, it informs you of the operating temperature of the engine. If it turns on, pull off the road and get professional help.





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Oil pressure warning light or gauge: Warns you when the oil is not circulating at the proper pressure. It does not inform about oil level in the engine. If the light activates, proceed to the nearest service station.


Alternator warning light/gauge: The electrical system of your vehicle is in trouble if this light comes on. The alternator is not generating enough electricity to charge the battery. Turn off all unnecessary electrical devices. Have the alternator checked.


Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 5.19.03 PMBrake warning light: Some vehicles have more than one light. It indicates the parking brake is applied before moving the vehicle. While in motion, if alerts you that all or part of the braking system is not working properly. If brake system is not working properly, brake gradually to a stop, have the vehicle towed and then repaired.


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Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) light: Alerts you that the system is fine on start-up. If the light turns on while driving, it indicates there is a problem. Have the problem corrected at the service station.


Air-bag warning light: Alerts you that the air bags are in proper working condition on start-up. It it remains on, or comes on while driving, the air bags are defective.


Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 5.13.31 PMService engine light: An on-board computer, the electronic command module or ECM, monitors the operation of fuel, ignition, and emission control systems. This alert light should come on when you turn the ignition switch to ON. If it does not illuminate, have the system fixed right away. If the light stays on, or comes on while driving, take your vehicle to a service centre in the near future to have a service technician analyze and repair the problem.



Door open light: This comes on if a door is not closed completely. Light will stay on until it is corrected.

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Low fuel warning light: This light shows how much fuel is in the tank when the ignition is on. When the fuel light activates it means there are approximately two gallons remaining. Stop and re-fuel immediately.