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If a distraction causes you to react a 1/2 second slower, your chances of being involved in a crash doubles.

  • Inside Vehicle

    Entertainment Unit

    bmw-idriveGet to know your stereo before you start driving. Get your music set so you don’t need to touch it while the car is in motion.

    Keep the volume low enough that if another vehicle is honking at you, you would still be able to hear it. Never use headphones while driving.

  • Communications Systems

    textingIf you need to use your phone to call or text, pull over. Distracted driving is growing as a reason why accidents occur.





  • Navigation Systems

    GPSChoose a GPS that uses voice commands rather than touch screen.

    Do not use or program it while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Pets

    dog$20car$20harnessEnsure your pets are safely restrained in a car carrier or seatbelt (for larger animals).

  • Passengers

    Can add to distraction by encouraging risky behaviour (ex speeding, risky passing etc).
    When you are the driver, you are fully responsible for what you do.
    Passengers can assist by dealing with navigation systems, pets, cell phones, texts etc.


    car_main_0Dangerous as it often involves eating/grooming with one hand and driving with the other.

    Avoid the distraction and give yourself enough time to eat/groom before the vehicle is in motion, or deal with it at a rest stop.

  • In General

    If your route involves toll highways or bridges, have that money ready.

    If you MUST attend to something else while driving, be sure to lengthen the space between you and the vehicle ahead.

    Outside Vehicle

    Glance briefly but do not take your attention away from the road.
    Interesting or beautiful views out the window
    Collision scenes
    Crowds of people

  • Tech and Distracted Driving

    Smart Wheel anti-texting device