Kinetic Energy

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Kinetic Energy

Any body in motion acquires Kinetic Energy (KE – also known as “momentum).

Mass increases KE proportionally
A vehicle with twice as much weight has twice as much KE.
A vehicle with three times as much weight has three times as much KE.

Speed increases the kinetic energy by the square of the number of times speed is increased.
If a vehicle is going twice is fast, it therefore has 2² amounts of Kinetic Energy. 2X2 = 4. Four times more KE
If a vehicle is going three times as fast, it therefore has 3² amounts of Kinetic Energy. 3X3 = 9. Nine times more KE

Speed has a greater effect on Kinetic Energy than mass. A small increase in speed has a tremendous effect on the momentum of the vehicle. Reduce your speed by 1/2, and your vehicle’s kinetic energy will have be 1/4 of what it was before braking.