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  • Passing

    Passing can be an extremely dangerous driving manoeuvre. It must be done with caution, and only after considering all of the factors, including: weather, speed, traffic, etc.



    Is passing permitted?
    Check the space between you and the other vehicles.
    Check your mirrors and blind spots. Is it safe?


    Signal in the appropriate direction.
    Begin to accelerate.
    Recheck the space areas 3, 1, and 2.
    Recheck your mirrors and blind spots.
    Steer carefully into the passing lane.
    Check the space ahead and behind you. Choose to proceed or to stay where you are.
    Look quickly at the front tire of the vehicle you are attempting to pass.
    Move into lane position 2
    Maintain speed, and stay carefully in your lane as you pass the vehicle.
    Check the rear-view mirror.
    Signal and check your blind spots.
    Steer into the right lane. Maintain your speed and turn off your signal.
    If your line of sight is impaired for any reason, do not pass.

  • Passing and the Law

    It is not legal to pass another vehicle on the left side of a two-lane road. Nor is it legal to pass in the centre of a three-lane road.

    Passing is not permitted when:
    You may also never pass on a solid yellow line.
    There is a “no passing” sign present.
    You are coming upon a hill, bridge, tunnel, or a curve.
    You cannot see ahead clearly.
    When a vehicle is attempting to pass you on the left, it is important to allow it.
    Do not increase your speed.
    Move to the right if you see or hear their signal.