Rules of the Road

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  • Basic Driving Rules

    – Drive on the right hand side of the road

    RegulatorySignsObey posted signs and signals

  • mod1sitdiag4wayIf traffic lights are defective, treat an intersection as a four-way stop

    – Pass on the left only

    – Always use your turn signals before turning/changing lanes

    – Drive at a safe speed for the road conditions

  • Necessary Documents

    – Before driving, always be sure you have your license, vehicle registration, vehicle inspection and certificate of insurance.

  • Right of Way

    – You never have the right-of way. Someone else must give it to you.

  • Speed LimitsIn a city/town50km/h
    Gravel highway outside of town70/80km/h
    Paved highway outside of town80/90km/h
    FreewaysMin 60 Max 100km/h
  • Flashing/Rotating LightsRedEmergency Vehicles
    AmberService Vehicles
    Red and BluePolice Vehicles
  • Parking DistancePark within 50cm of the curb or edge of the roadway
    Park 5m or more from a fire hydrant/driveway or crosswalk
    Park 10m or more from an intersection of stop sign
  • Stopping5m or more (in both directions) from a school bus with lights flashing
    5m or more from a railway crossing. Buses, minibuses and trucks transporting dangerous substances must stop at railway crossings before proceeding. If following, be prepared to stop behind them.
  • Headlights

    – When an oncoming vehicle approaches at night, dim your high beams to low beams at 150m


    – You may not:

    1. Carry a radar warning device or have flashing/rotating lights

    2. Reverse on freeways

    3. Drive on shoulder of the highway (unless in case of emergency)

    4. Braking suddenly without just cause, or squealing tires.

    5. Overcrowd the passengers in a vehicle

    6. Get in to, out of or hang off of a vehicle in motion